Let’s end this year together with fun and surprises!

Forbidden Verse is coming with a new event called DETECTIVE DECEMBER, an interactive community event where community members can win $zil and FBV pre-merch collection.

Game and the rules :

The team will post a question every 4th day starting from the 2nd of December (2nd,6th,10th,14th and 18th), and the participants have 72hrs to guess the answer and reply to the post.

The question may be asked on any social media handle, i.e. Twitter, Telegram, or Instagram.

The prizes will be distributed during a Twitter space on the 24th of December.

Prizes: 555 $zil to the 1st correct answer, and one lucky winner will be picked from the participants who win 111 $zil. ( And some Mech )

Let’s get started!

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