Forbidden Verse
2 min readAug 31, 2022



  1. Zilswap ARKY listing.
  2. Partnership with dePay.
  5. FBV NFT Staking.
  6. The Centaurs Sale.
  7. September plan.

Zilswap ARKY listing.

Forbidden Verse completed the sale of the Leo clan in July and was listed on Zilliqa's leading NFT marketplace ARKY to enable the trading of Forbidden Verse NFTs.

Partnership with dePay

The Forbidden Verse team has taken a proactive step toward the NFT purchase as easy as shopping for groceries by partnering with a multi-chain 1-step checkout solution to enable direct credit card purchases of any fungible or non-fungible token called dePay .


Forbidden Verse collaborated with RedChillies Labs to host a tournament for all the web3 enthusiasts ready to interact with strangers/co-community members by playing a board game.


The Forbidden Verse creative team has showcased the designs of upcoming merchandise t-shirts and also announced each minter of the FBV NFTs gets a free merch box. Adding to this, the team has teased the community members that Forbidden Verse has confirmed a few brand ambassadors from the Indian film industry.

FBV NFT Staking

The team has teased the community about a new benefit to the FBV NFT owners: they can stake their NFT to earn Zilliqas native token $zil, an add-on to the previously promised benefits.

The Centaurs Sale

The team has announced through the Twitter handle that the 2nd sale of the Forbidden Verse foundational NFTs is scheduled for September.

September Plans and announcements

  1. The team is working on the “CIVIL WAR” tournament.
  2. An update on how much an FBV NFT can earn/year
  3. The CENTAURS sale date and minting price.
  4. Merch Box deployment to all the Leo and Centaurs NFT holders.
  5. The Forbidden Verse team was invited to India's most prestigious “ E-Sports And Entertainment Event”, which will be held in November 2022.

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