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3 min readOct 1, 2022
  3. $Zil airdrop to NFT Holders.
  4. The Centaurs Sale.
  5. Conferences and Reaching the masses.
  6. Benefits of Holding an FBV NFT
  7. October plan.


Forbidden Verse and RedChillies Labs successfully organised the ludo tournament in association with Zolar, Ignite DAO and PredictionDEX with a pool prize of 24k $Zils. Team Forbidden Verse announced they are coming up with a comic based on the Civil War event.


FBV Foundational Merch(T-shirt) Results.

FBV merch team has been involved in iterating the merch designs and suitability of the products. The team has tried 1st designs of the merchandise, and the results aren't satisfactory, which lead to the re-designing of the merch.

$Zil airdrop to NFT Holders

The team has airdropped 5k zil to all Leo NFT Holders.

The Centaurs Sale

ForbiddenVerse Centaurs clan started on the 22nd of September, and the team has confirmed the sale continues till the 2nd week of October. Adding to this team has announced the original NFT series will be released in Q4. Only 14 Centaurs are yet to be minted out of 22.

Conferences and Reaching the masses

The team Forbidden Verse announced they would be part of India's larger Media and Entertainment festival from 1st-5th November 22 (The largest Congregation of Gaming, Animation, VFX, E-sports, and Entertainment Events in India). The team has said they aim to reach the masses, and the conference includes 35k+ Industry professionals with 500+ International Delegation.

Benefits of Holding an FBV NFT

Team Forbidden Verse released the benefits of holding an FBV Foundational NFT. (click here for More details)

October Plans and announcements

FBV team is working on different things, and the team said that October is a kind of hibernation for the team to work even more challenging.
a. Merch re-design and deployment to the community ASAP.
b. 1st Comic.
c. Originals artwork.
d. Vanaras artwork and storylines.
e. FBV foundational NFT rewards.

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