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3 min readJan 10, 2023


i, Merchandise designs

CLAN LEO Merch Designs.

The creative team has started working and completed the Merch design for the Leo Clan of Forbidden Verse.

ii, Vanaras (The 3rd Clan)

The team has completed the Vanaras storyline and is working on the NFT artwork, which may be sneak peeked after the Comic book release.

iii, Initiation of CIVIL WAR COMIC.

Pre Production Work for the character ‘VIKRA.’

After the massive success of Forbidden Verse, “LEO’s CIVIL WAR” team has decided to develop a Comic Book series to deliver the Leo Clan stories.

Pre Productions Work “SANGHI & VIKRA”


Presented at India’s larger Media and Entertainment festival.

The team Forbidden Verse presented India’s larger Media and Entertainment festival from 1st-5th November 22 (The largest Congregation of Gaming, Animation, VFX, E-sports, and Entertainment Events in India).

Forbidden Verse Stall at INDIA JOY 2022 | Forbidden Verse Founder and Creative Director meeting Sir D. Suresh Babu | Students taking notes on NFTs

December —

i, Presented at India’s greatest pop-culture celebration.

The team Forbidden Verse presented at Delhi Comic Con 2022.

ii, 1st Batch of FBV Foundational NFT Merch BOX deployment to the NFT owner.

The team has successfully delivered the Merch box containing.

1. Forbidden Verse Premium Stickers, 2.Forbidden Verse Paper Stickers, 3. Smart Water Flask, 4. Customised T-shirt, 5. Photo Frame 6.Mobile Back Cover, 7.Sticky notes, 8. Dairy 9. Pen and 10. Metalic FBV Logos.

Here are the tweets from the owners after unboxing the Merch Box.

iii, Forbidden Verse Detective December Event.

The team has successfully conducted an interactive puzzle game with the Community and distributed 3333 $zil to the winners.

iv, Doubled $zil rewards to the FBV Foundational NFT owners.

The team has distributed 222 $zil rewards/FBV Foundational NFT NFTs.

v, FBV Foundational NFT Airdrop to the Community.

Three Centaurs Clan NFTs were airdropped to the Community.

NOTE: The team will be coming up with a new Roadmap by the end of January.

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