Forbidden Verse
2 min readSep 6, 2022

Ideological differences led to a civil war that divided the Leo clan into four groups led by four strong people. The results of the war are only known to the participants of the war. Do you want to participate in the war and write the history of the LEOs?

The Forbidden Verses community welcome you all to participate in this historical event and win exciting prizes.

Why? How? When?


We want to introduce a new way of creating and narrating a story based on some real-world results of a game. We are organising a LUDO tournament on the Doko Games of RedChillies Labs.

RedChillies Labs: A research-driven blockchain company dedicated to incubating decentralised applications. ( TG channel: redchilliesREDC)


The tournament consists of 3 different rounds.

LEOs CIVIL WAR (Preliminary)

All the registered participants are divided into four groups, and each participant gets one chance to prove himself and qualify for the next round. (All the winners of the preliminary contest are eligible for War of None)

WAR OF NONE ( Knock out)

In the war of None, people may have to face their group members/others to qualify for the Finals. (All the winners of the Knock out round are eligible for Combat Fight)

Combat fight ( Finals)

Finals are planned for the four legendary players who have survived all the previous rounds.


Registrations are open from 7th-Sep to 10th-Sept-22

Tournament dates: 17th-18th Sept 2022

Prize Pool: 10K ZIL ( Join our TG discussion for more details) and Win WL spots for our 2nd Sale coming in the 3rd week of September.

How to Participate? (Registrations)

Join our Official Telegram channel and fill out the form provided by our Admin. Telegram Channel —

Does it cost you any Fee? ( If so, why ?)

Yes, it cost you 100 zil; we want to eliminate the non-serious participants because it is our clan’s prestigious event. We will give back the Collected zil to participants and the community. (40% will be airdropped to 10 lucky participants,40% to the LEO NFT holders and 20% to spectators). Registrations are free for the collaborated projects.

Does the event planned for limited participants?

Yes, the no.of participants is limited to 64. why so? It’s hard to manage the matches as per the given time, and this is not our last event. ( Registrations are FCFS bases)

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